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Chartres Silk

Fringed Scarves

Fringed Scarves
These custom hand-painted scarves come in several designs with or without fringe. Most women prefer to choose their favorite colors by paint chips or fabric swatches, or online i.e. Pantone Colors. Call and I will give you the address to send chips/swatches, or discuss a combination that is closest to your Essence. These are examples of the Bamboo Pattern and can be painted simply for $ 100, or I can deepen the intricate work and add the Lumiere and specialize the scarf for $200-$250. These scarves are SO much more involved than visible...(the green piece has over 30 colors layered into it.)

Below is a Palette of Colors and Pattern examples of Original fringed scarves...
Click on the style to see sample color choices although your choice of color is limitless.




Art Nouveau



I Guarantee you will LOVE it!