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Wall Tapestries and Banners

Wall Tapestries

Butterfly Forest Heart Caracol A Caracol B
Butterfly Presence Forest Heart Caracol A Caracol B


Chartre Double Magnolia Chartre Fire Angel Chartre Pele Chartres Tree Moon
Chartres Double Magnolia Chartres Fire Angel Chartres Pele

Chartres Pink Double Magnolia

Chartres Tree Moon


Celtic Cross Crimson Angel Wallhanging Fire Angel Orange Wallhanging Iao (Mountain) Wallhanging Tree Moon
Celtic Cross Crimson Angel Fire Angel Orange Iao (Mountain) Tree Moon


Lotus Cream Wallhanging Lovers Madonna Wallhanging Magnolia Wallhanging Peach Magnolia Wallhanging
Lotus Cream Lovers Madonna Magnolia Peach Magnolia



Mirra's Rose Wallhanging Orchid Moon Organic Beauty
Mirra's Rose Orchid Moon Organic Beauty


Star Fire Wallhanging Talia's Banner Wallhanging
Rose Window Star Fire Talia's Banner




Healer's  Blessing
Magnolia Banner
Caracol Iao (Mountain) Healer's Blessing Madonna Magnolia Light Magnolia with Prayer


Presence Banner
Presence With Long Side Panels representing universal religions.
Orchid Moon Poinsettia A Poinsettia B Presence Presence with Side Panels Presence with Long Side Panels


Tree Moon Banner Guardian Lions Banner
Tree Moon Guardian Lions

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Tapestries for your Home. Click here to see larger pictures.
Caracol Tapestry
Iao Valley (Mountain) Tapestry Magnolia Chuppah



Banners exquisitely displayed. Click on them for larger picture.

Banners at Washington, D. C.

Chartre Rose Window
Washington D. C.
Escondido Fine Arts Center
San Diego Healing Arts Festival
San Francisco Expo