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The Artist

Jenwah Painting

Jenwah lived in Sausalito, California when the first silk dyes came over from France 30 years ago.
Purchasing the primary colors, and an 8 page booklet, Jenwah left for Argentina to make a film on the “Misa Criolla.”  Living in the mountains of Cordoba in an old Stone Villa,   she painted in the ‘winter garden’ every day on an old silk parachute from Buenos Aires. Jenwah's first Studio / Gallery was on the ocean in Paia, Maui with lots of gorgeous Pareos and Wall Pieces flowing steadily. Returning to the Mainland for the New Millenium,  Jenwah received a Master’s Degree with Matthew Fox from Naropa Community. There she wrote her Thesis on the Consummate Artist*  in each one of us, and creating a Community Ritual with Martin Brennan on
“The Caravan of the Beloved.” (Rumi)


About The Silks

We create our silks as originals or reproductions, in several sizes,
with and without pockets, fringes,  with detailing work.   We accept Square payment or can make other payment arrangements.
Lighting these Wall Pieces from the front and the back side
(hung out from the wall several inches) takes Them and You to a
Whole Other Level of Appreciation and Depth.
We KNOW you will LOVE your Silks....
so if you have an idea you would like to talk over with us, or to create something you have in mind...
we would be happy to hear from you.
Please fill our form on the Contact Us page.

These silks grace many temples, homes, churches, Retreat Centers and other Celebration Spaces in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ashland (Oregon), Sturgeon Bay (Wisconsin) and all over the world, creating sanctuaries for wonderful community gatherings  of Prayer, Yoga, Music, Dancing, Laughter and LIFE!
Hans Christian and I named these Offerings, Portals into Spirit, and “The maaar.velous Theatre of Freedom” (Hafiz,) Consecrated to The Great Ones Championing our Freedom and Full Creative Expression. Wisdom University invited us to be their Resident Artists at the Cathedral in France for their first Seven Year Chartres Mystery School.
Today, I am producing my “Emergence” (Transformational Entertainment) piece,
which was always meant to be the Silk Carrier.


Jenwah's Marvelous Theatre of Freedom

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