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About our Silks
Rosemary and Jenwah are sisters
Creating these Silks to
Celebrate our Gratitude for Life!
Jenwah paints the Originals outdoors,
Usually in quiet gardens where the
Natural Light and the fluidity of the Silk
Allow the dyes to ‘dance’ together exquisitely.
Rosemary reproduces the originals on
The finest Mimaki printer. (more under Contact)
The silk is paper-backed to absorb the dyes, then removed
To wrap the pieces on large coils for Steam-setting
The colors in our autoclave chambers.
Pockets are sewn into the top of the silk for Banners or Wall hangings, and the edges are hemmed. 
The pieces can be framed, hung on rods, bamboo poles
Made into clothing, backdrops, tents, chuppas, prayer flags
Or many other creative applications
Shown in some of these photos of previous Installations.
There are several very unique features of our work
That have given our silks a ‘Signature’ look:
We hand-embellish most of our work with
Gorgeous metallic Lumiere* to highlight and texturize.
Then we Light our pieces in a way that allows the
Translucence of the Silks to become “Portals into Spirit.”**
Practically speaking, that means we hang them out from the
Wall a few inches so that we can put lighting behind them.
Whether that be low voltage wall units, or miniature Christmas lights
Or hand crafted Lighting Boxes…the glow that comes through
The Silk is then balanced with spot-or flood lighting from the front.
This illumines the Golds and Bronzes and other Metallic colors,
and enhances the overall effect vibrationally
causing the pieces to  COME ALIVE!
Protect your piece of art with indirect lighting and it will last for years!
Most of our silks come in three standard sizes, but we can custom
Size or Re-Create adding different colorations or details
“If you have an idea you would like to talk over with us to create something you have in mind,
we would love to hear from you.  God Bless,”  Rosemary

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